The Terrible Triple Feature
TFA Blurr Expressions by o0AtomicKiwi0o
Blurr by Clockout-WP
TFA - Rodimus by DeviantDolphinArt
TFA: Longarm 2 by Succubii
Prime Time by Uniformshark
Arcee by DStevensArts
3 Dinobots Transformers Animated by Ailgara
Transformers Animated ATCs by Keysha Kitty

Fansproject Recoiler and Riftshot (AKA Rack ‘n Ruin) came in the mail yesterday!

My Wreckers shelf is almost complete! Just need the Mech Ideas Gauntlet (i am still proud of my homemade Ironfist but Gauntlet’s too adorable) and the forthcoming Generations Roadbuster.

But, seriously, somebody, I don’t care if it’s Hasbro or a Third Party needs to make a CHUG-style Rotorstorm already!


TFA: Jet Twins by InfiniteTrochilidae
TFA: Bulkhead by HyperYuki
Jettwins by Brimms
Ladies by RedShrike
Mental Conflict by Twotenjack11
Come Closer by Golby2