The Terrible Triple Feature
ARMED und READY by BlitzwingKisses
TFA Jazz by Guard-of-Minasteris
Blurr and Shockwave by BBlueBBullet
MTMTE Riptide by Alex Milne
TFA Soundwave by Airaly
Blitzwing Random by UndeadKitty13
MTMTE: Rewind x Chromedome by Evelynism
MTMTE Drift by DeviantDolphinART
MTMTE 32 cover by DCJosh and Nick Roche
Oh my…
3D Tarn by Ultimatetransfan
Whirl by Akycoo
TFA - Ratchet and Arcee - Never Letting go by ZeHornet
Do Not Question My Authority - Collab by MBPanther
TFA Rodimus by DeviatDolphinART
TFA Perceptor - Halfspark by ZeHornet