The Terrible Triple Feature
Lou Reed by Jamie Hewlett
Tank Girl by Sara Pichelli

Tank Girl Opening Credits

Triple Feature Tuesday: Ice-T, What Are You Doing in This Sci-Fi Movie?

3. Tank Girl (1995)

Well, it took some doing but we finally got Ice-T in full-fledged make-up as “T-Saint,” one of the Rippers, an armed band of kangaroo-men fighting THE MAN.

I’m sorry, I think some of you may not have let that sink in. 


Are you seeing this?

Food One’s working on Tank Girl?

Holy shit.

Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing

Cover for the upcoming Gorillaz Singles Collection

Cover for the upcoming Gorillaz Singles Collection

poor 2-D

Tank Girl (1995)

Based on a comic book by Alan Martin and Jamie (Gorillaz) Hewlett, director Rachel Talalay’s post-apocalyptic piece of insanity is breathtaking.  Lori Petty plays our titular Tank Girl, fighting the always evil, always entertaining Malcolm McDowell, leader of the evil Water and Power Company.  But this is not a movie about plot.  This is a movie about looking awesome and kicking the shit out of anyone that stands in the way of you having a good time with your mutated kangaroo friends played by Ice-T and Reg E. (“Don’t Fuck with Querns”) Cathey.  And driving a sweet tank. 

Not going to lie, I’m not sure I’ve actually grown out of my “I want to be Tank Girl when I grow up” phase.