The Terrible Triple Feature
Transformers Animated ATCs by Keysha Kitty
TFA: Bulkhead by HyperYuki
Team Prime by BrookRiver
TFA - Bulkhead Is Gonna Wreck You by JAZcabungcal

2013 Collection Update Pics: Matrix and More Transformers (Part 2)

Part 1

Collection Pics 2013: TFA Autobots

(Please excuse the dust!)

Halloween Shot by Airaly
Transformers Animated Maximals by Tritie
Cybertronian Genesis by Cycloprax-Tinj
Poker Diamonds by Sketch-Nazi
Bulkhead and Grimlock Transformers Animated by Ailgara

Finally finished my TFA Season 3 Sari Sumdac

The gang’s all together now!



RQ: Bulkhead’s Painting by BriannaLRandom
Bulkhead and Sari by Yuta085