The Terrible Triple Feature
Adventure Time by LateNiteDraw
BMO by Sylvia Ulloque
Queen Bubblegum and Vampire Princess by DAV-19
Ice King by Michael O’Hare
Lumpy Space Prince by Chris J. Scott
C4 Poster by Jeffrey J. Manley
Adventure Time/Twin Peaks Mash-Up by Kate Willaert
Christ Almighty God…
Marceline, The Vampire Queen cosplayed by Dawn Calderon and photographed by Knightmare6 Photography
Legend of Zelda/Adventure Time Mash-Up by Seth Saint Pierre


I almost wish I had TFP Soundwave to go with the boys…

Wait. They never made a Mike the TV action figure. WTF?

Marceline the Vampire Queen by Robbi Rodriguez
Marceline and the Scream Queens by Arielle Jovellanos
Adventure Time by Felipe Martina

Bravest Warriors - Dramabug Minisode


Sugarbellies: the “Lost” Episode of Bravest Warriors

Not gonna lie: this may be the craziest fucking thing I’ve seen all week; but, stick with it.  It may also be the greatest fucking thing ever made.